It’s that time of year again; when the kids are on their best behaviour in the hope they’ll receive some chocolatey goodness from the Easter Bunny. They might even be hoping the big bunny will send them all around the house and garden looking for hidden clues; I know that’s what I was always wishing for as a kid – and my two munchkins are as well!

Every Easter I’ve wanted to organise a really fun scavenger hunt for the kids. And every year I’ve run out of time! Because let’s face it – life is busy. And those rhyming clues can be difficult to pull out of the proverbial hat at the last minute! Am I right?!

This year however, is different! I’m organised…

And I’ve decided to share with you the 12 Rhyming Clues I’ll be using for my Easter Scavenger Hunt. I’ve even created two printable letters from the amazing Easter Bunny him (or her) self!

So grab your Easter eggs, print out these CLUES and prepare to give your kids the BEST Easter Scavenger Hunt ever!

If you’d like to make your own chocolate Easter eggs with my delicious Raw Chocolate, find the recipe here.

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